How to Keep The Red Hair Color Fresh And Vibrant


How to Keep The Red Hair Color Fresh And Vibrant


Keeping the red color red is not that difficult.But some care is required.

Do not go in sun because the direct rays of sun can damage your hair badly.

Do not swim in chlorinated pool. Just swim in salt water.

Use the deep conditioner to keep your hair moisturize.

Use shine spray to give a sparkle or shine to your hair and they will look fresh.

Don’t blow dry your hair much.

Always make sure you give red hair color a chance to stick. It took me about 4 rounds before my red stopped fading so much, mostly because I was blonde before. Don’t expect to go from lighter hair colors to red with no fading the first time, or even the second. Be realistic about it.

Do you like woven chain bracelet.Try this easy step by step tutorial to make one.

Picture 016

Do you like woven chain bracelet.Try this easy step by step tutorial to make one.

Picture 001

Collect your needs.


Pass the strand from the chain.


Pull it out from the same ring.


Follow the steps as shown in figure.


Keep on repeating the same steps.

Picture 014

Your beautiful woven bracelet is ready.

Making New Out Of The Old Stuff – Lovely Photo Book Album

What is beautiful,looks attractive.And it is not only money that can buy you happiness.But you can also create pretty things by being creative.

I found this album in my cupboard.Termite had completely destroyed its look.It was basically a jamawar wedding album.And look how I have changed the face of this album.It has not become a casual family/photo album.Have a look and do it yourself at home.

Look How Termite Spoiled This Wedding Album

Look How Termite Spoiled This Wedding Album

Uncover The Album!

Uncover The Album!

Choose A Pretty Album Cover Of Your Choice

Choose A Pretty Album Cover Of Your Choice

Cover Th Inner Part Of The Album Using White Chart Paper

Cover Th Inner Part Of The Album Using White Chart Paper

How Beautiful Does The Cover Look Now!

How Beautiful Does The Cover Look Now!

The Final Look Of This Wonderful Album

The Final Look Of This Wonderful Album

Ship Through A Porthole Glass Painting

In this project, I show you the basic techniques used for glass painting. This include making template using outliner (liquid lead), and painting with water based glass paints. I have also included a number of tips may help you achieve a more professional finish to your glass painting projects.

Picture-061Use this pattern to make a template. You can enlarge it to any size you like, but for the finished painting I enlarged it to 200%

Making a template : Enlarge the pattern to size and then use a felt tip pen and tracing paper to make a template. Use a pen color that contrasts with the outliner you intend to use.This will help avoid missing out any of the design.

Applying Outliner : Place the template face up on plain white paper and secure to the back of a sheet of glass. Pierce the nozzle of a tube of outliner with a long pin or needle. Squeeze the outliner tube gently to start drawing in the design.Unless stated otherwise.hold the nozzle at an angle of 45 degree.

Picture-063Short Curved Lines : for outlines such as those of the clouds and smoke,press the nozzle on the glass, squeeze the tube gently and work one curve at a time.

Straight Lines : Anchor the outliner at one end of the lie and then, keeping the nozzle slightly up off the glass, gently squeeze the tube and allow the outliner to fall into place. This really is easier than it sounds.

Outliners : When you are learning to paint on glass, start with a black outliner as this has a firmer texture than the metallic ones.

Practice your outliner techniques on scrap pieces of acetate until you are satisfied with your line control.

Place tubes of outliner in a refrigerator for an hour before use. This will make the liquid less runny and easier to use.

Picture-066Small Circular Shapes : Work these with two applications. Start at the top and work a semicircle of outliner. Then go back to the top if the shape and fill in the other half.


Dots : Apply slight pressure to the tube, touch the tip of the nozzle on the glass and then lift it off to leave a tiny bead of outliner.


Long Foreground lines : Long straight lines that cross other parts of the leaded design should be continuous. Lift the outliner when crossing intersections.


Fine Lines : For fine line work use a 0/9mm gutta nib, pushed on to the tip of the nozzle of the tube of outliner. You do not have to cut the nozzle when fitting nibs.


Wide Lines : A 0.9mm gutta nib can also be used to make wide lines.Place the nib flat on the glass, at right angles to the line to be drawn. Squeeze the tube until the line is the correct thickness, then slowly move the nib sideways to draw the line. Work short sections at a time and turn the glass as necessary.


Check For Gaps: When all the lines on the template have been drawn with outliner, remove the template and check for any bad joins. All areas of the design must be fully enclosed to stop paint leaking out. Repair gaps with small beads of outliner.

Starting The Point : I suggest you work with one color at a time, and fill in each enclosed area in turn. Turn the work as necessary so that you do not lean over wet areas. Do not worry if the paint touches the outliner – water-based paints will not stain it. Even if you choose to use solvent based paints, they will not show against a black outliner. I used five colors to paint this design, diluting each with varying amounts of water to obtain different shades. Picture-073

Decent paints: Use a pipette to transfer paint from the bottle to the pallete.


Dilute the paint : Add water to the paint to achieve a good consistency and the shade you require.


Paint round an enclosed shape : Use a small brush to paint round the outer edge of an enclosed area. Work the paint right up to, but not over, the outliner.


Reload the brush : Place a large blob of paint in the middle of the outlined area.


Fill in the enclosed area : Gently push the paint across the enclosed area until it is completely covered.


Ship through a porthole : This picture is painted on square sheet of glass using black outliner and five different colors of water based glass paints. The paint image is 240mm(91/2) in diameter.

Learn Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Home According To Different Festivals

Learn Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Home According To Different FestivalsLearn a few creative things that will help you make wonderful stuff at home in very easy steps.

Have you ever thought of decorating your home with eggs? Today we are going to share something very unique with you.

Apply glue in circles on eggs and sprinkle glitter on it.Repeat same step for all eggs and decorate them as shown in picture four.